2021 Confirmation


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In general, Confirmation gatherings happen on Sunday afternoons for an hour, on average twice a month. (With expectations of certain exercises, content consumption, and other assigned tasks being completed outside of the gatherings. These expectations will be shared at the gatherings.)

Confirmation Part One Schedule

Confirmation Part Two Schedule

FORMAT: Candidate/Companion

This preparation process will be undertaken by each candidate individually accompanied by an adult companion. Preferably that adult will be their chosen sponsor as much as possible. If the sponsor is unavailable to participate in the process (either due to health issues, geographical distance combined with technological limitations, or other reason) then a parent can be the candidate's companion.


PANDEMIC: Part 1 Online Option

Due to continued public health concerns, especially for those in higher risk categories of infection such as the elderly or those with immunocompromised pre-existing conditions, we will be live streaming our Part 1 Gatherings online so that candidates and their adult companions can join us from home. The registration form asks you to provide us your (at least initial) choice between in person or virtual participation.

UPDATE: As of June 2021, Part 2 Gatherings (beginning in August, 2021) will NOT offer an online option, unless pandemic conditions change dramatically. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated (with the morally acceptable vaccines). If joining in person poses a health challenge, please contact the Director immediately ([email protected]) to discuss possibilities.


REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Candidates must register for Part Two.

When Part Two Registration opens, a link and instructions will be sent via Flocknote messages (in an email with a text alerting you to the email).