Liturgical Ministries

At the heart of the Roman Catholic faith is the Eucharistic Liturgy. Additionally, the Catholic faithful participate in a wide variety of other rich liturgical experiences, especially the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharistic Adoration.

An up to date schedule of regular liturgies and sacraments such as these are posted on our Home Page.

 A current listing of Liturgical Ministries and their coordinators include:
For contact information please refer to our weekly bulletin or by calling the Parish Office at 239-574-4545.

Ministers of Holy Communion: Parish Office, 574-4545

Min. de la Eucaristía: Parish Office, 574-4545

Ministers of the Word (Lectors): Larry Edwards

Min. de la Palabra (Lectores): Maggie Taverez

Altar Servers: Mary Trobiano

Monaguillos: Ani Vergez

Ushers/Greeters: Carmen D’Amore, or Cyndi Willenborg

Ushers (Español):  Jose Seda

Liturgical Arts: Mary Ann Logue

Coro Hispano: Ingrid Olivarez


For more information on individual ministries:

Music Ministry

Dr. Thomas E. James, Director of Music Ministries, invites anyone with musical ability, either vocal or instrumental, to join our music ministries. Opportunities include

  • 10:30am Sunday Mass Choir (with a more formal repertoire with an emphasis on traditional and choral works. Practices are on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm)
  • 9:00am Sunday Mass Choir (with a repertoire more diverse with an emphasis on a more contemporary style. Instrumentalists use guitars, drums, flutes, clarinet, violin and bass guitar. Practices are on Thursday evenings at 7:00pm)
  • 1:30pm (Noon in the Summer) Coro Hispano (Sunday Spanish Mass Choir, follows the tradition of typical sounds throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The instruments of the choir include bass guitar, conga, "cuatro" (similar to a banjo), guitars, piano and various percussion instruments. Practices are on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm)  If you would like more information, please see Mrs. Ingrid Olivarez, Director, after the Spanish Mass or by calling the Parish Office.

en Español

  • 1:30pm (mediodía en el verano)  Coro de la Misa en Español - La música sigue la tradición de los sonidos típicos de América Latina. Los instrumentos del coro son: bajo, cuatro, guitarras acústicas, piano, conga y otros instrumentos de percusión. Los ensayos se realizan cada Martes a las 7:30pm. Si usted quisiera más información, habla con la Sra. Ingrid Olivarez, Directora del Coro, después de la Misa de 1:30 p.m. o  llama la oficina parroquial 239-574-4545. 


Ministers of Holy Communion

Ministers of Holy Communion serve the parish community with prayerful reverence while assisting in the distribution of the Body and Blood of Christ at weekday and weekend Masses, as well as administering to the homebound. Initial and ongoing training is required for this ministry.


Lectors require the ability to read well in public and to proclaim God's word effectively. Initial and ongoing training sessions are required. Lectors are scheduled between one and four times per month. Please contact the lector coordinator listed above.

Altar Servers

More information on Altar Servers can be found here.

Hospitality Ministry: Ushers & Greeters

Do you have a warm and friendly smile? Do you enjoy meeting people? Then help us spread the Good News! You will greet parishioners and guests on arrival at Mass, seat them as occasion arises, assist all disabled persons, take up collections, distribute bulletins at the end of Mass and remove unwanted materials from the pews after everyone leaves. Members are expected to be timely, dependable and dress appropriately. Please contact the coordinator listed above.

Church Environment

We are members of St. Andrew Parish with an interest in helping prepare our church for the celebration of the Liturgy. Liturgical Art and Environment Ministers are volunteers who give what we can whenever we can to enrich the worship experience for all through the integration of such principles as color, texture, arrangement, and design in order to enhance our consecrated worship space.

Presently, our ministry has a core group of members who act as the planning committee for the larger scale tasks we undertake. We then invite the parish community to assist in the actual cleaning of the church and arrangement of items in preparation of celebrating the specific Liturgical focus.

Our efforts focus on, but are not limited to, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, Christ the King, and special feast days such as our church's patron, St. Andrew. Persons interested may contact the parish office at 574-4545.


A very meaningful ministry here at St. Andrews is the opportunity to walk with someone through the process of planning and facilitating a funeral Mass at the parish. If you'd be interested in joining this ministry, contact Anne Spears, the Pastoral Associate for Liturgy, at the Parish Office (239.574.4545).