SVdP Get Help

All requests for assistance begin with a call to our Help Line at (239) 772-3543.

Todas las solicitudes de asistencia comienzan con una llamada a nuestra Línea de Ayuda al (239) 772-3543.


  • Our Help Line and office is staffed by a limited number of volunteer Vincentians, so you may have to leave us a message on our answering service.
    • It is extremely important that when you leave a message to speak slowly and clearly, leaving your name, address, phone number, and brief description of the type of assistance you are requesting.
    • We will be unable to call you back if we cannot understand your message
    • Tenemos algunos voluntarios que hablan Español, para que puedas dejar tu mensaje en Español.
  • A Vincentian worker will call you back, usually the next business day, and take some preliminary information from you including:
    • Confirming basic information such as name, address, phone number, email address, ID number/type, birthdate, and ethnicity
    • A summary of your household income and expenses
    • A list of all people living in your household along with dates of birth and relationships
    • Utility account information if requesting utility assistance
    • A detailed description of what you are requesting and why
    • All of this information is confidential and is protected in our encrypted, digital neighbor database.
  • The Vincentian will then make an appointment with you for a home visit so we can further assess your needs. If, as in the case of the pandemic, a home visit is not possible, all information will be taken over the phone or by meeting outside in your driveway.
  • If the Vincentian has enough information to assess your need, he or she will let you know; otherwise, they may have to call you back or visit you later if they need to validate information or contact a utility company on your behalf. Assistance is granted based on the best judgment of the Vincentian working with you; there is no appeal process and assistance is never guaranteed.
    • UTILITIES: Note that we can only pay past due amounts; how much we can pay—if any—depends on your circumstances and on ours.  Additionally, the utility account must be in your name.  We cannot pay past due amounts on third-party accounts.  Finally, we are unable to pay utility deposits; this is your responsibility.
    • If the Vincentian decides he or she needs additional guidance, they will consult our Conference leadership and get back to you as soon as possible. Same day service is not always possible.

Neighbors requesting assistance are reminded that the St. Vincent de Paul Society provides a hand-up, not a hand-out.  Be prepared to work with the Vincentian in discussing what actions you will take to resolve your situation moving forward.