RelEd: Confirmation

Confirmation Preparation

Per Diocesan rule, Confirmation preparation cannot begin until a young person is in high school (9th grade) and must be a two-year program so that Confirmation is received in 10th grade. At St. Andrew, our two-part program begins in November of one school year and continues until the end of October the next (thus, the program lasts about one calendar year). The gatherings take place on Sundays, 3-5pm, usually twice a month. Click here to see the calendar for our 2020 Confirmation group.

Confirmation Date

We have a Fall Confirmation here at St. Andrew Church. For a few years we've requested and received the last Monday in October as our Confirmation date. Confirmation 2019 will be on Monday, Oct 28 at 6:00pm in the Church. Each year we request dates from the bishop in the fall and receive our official date for the following year in either late December or early January. Thus, around new year's time 2020 we will know our official Confirmation 2020 date (which is why the calendar above lists all Part Two dates, including Confirmation date, as tentative only).

Confirmation Registration

Initial Registration to begin Confirmation preparation is made through normal Religious Education Registration. Click here for information about that process. Part Two is a separate registration process done in July for those who successfully complete Part One.

Confirmation Curriculum


We use a "flipped classroom" model for Confirmation preparation. While in the traditional classroom, a teacher would present materials and then send the students off on their own to work on the material (exercises, homework, essay writing, etc.), a flipped classroom allows technology to present the material to students on their own time and then uses the gathered time in the classroom to work with the material already consumed. Thus, our Confirmation gatherings presume that the students have already received the material for the lesson and will use the time together to discuss, apply, and play with the ideas already presented to them.

Part One (Nov - May): Decision Point

Dynamic Catholic, the company of author Matthew Kelly, provides our Part One curriculum, Decision Point, which is video-based. Thus, per our flipped classroom (see Introduction above), the candidates watch the videos for a lesson before the gathering for that lesson so that we need not present material but can rather discuss ways the content applies to their life, might influence their choices, and shape their future.

All the videos are available through the Decision Point app (available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets) or by visiting the Decision Point website at

Part Two (June - Oct): Called to Mercy

St. Mary's Press provides the curriculum for Part Two: Called To Mercy, which is an interactive online curriculum. After successful completion of Part One, all candidates and their parents are invited to a July orientation/registration at which they receive the access code to the online curriculum. Click here for a preview of this innovative program.

Confirmation Paperwork

While this paperwork is primarily a responsibility of candidates in Part Two of preparation, we provide it here for those who want to get a jump on things or need another copy.

In order to be Confirmed, you must:

  • choose a saint name and complete the Saint Form
  • choose a sponsor who meets eligibility requirements and complete the Sponsor Form
  • provide a Sponsor Letter of Eligibility (from the sponsor's parish)
  • complete the Full Day Event RSVP Form
  • complete the Confirmation Robe Form

Click here for a packet of all these forms.

Confirmation Information

For more information email Jerry Harrington ([email protected]) or call the Religious Education Office at 239.574.2411.