To assist those seeking Baptism and full communion into the Catholic Church by providing a process in which people grow in knowledge and Faith.

The process is comprised of several components that mark positive steps toward full Communion in the Roman Catholic Church. There are different aspects of formation in the process: Inquiry, Church Teaching, Spiritual Formation and Service.


Anyone interested may participate before committing to the Reception of the Sacraments in the Catholic Church. This journey in which people grow in Faith and knowledge is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The RCIA is the process for those seeking Baptism and full Communion into the Catholic Church.

Church Teaching

We study Sacred Scripture, the Old and New Testaments, the life of Christ, the Sacraments of the Church, the teachings about Mary and the Saints, Church History, and Christian Morality. We learn the practices and rituals of the Catholic Church. Each session consists of prayer, teaching and time for questions and answers.

Spiritual Formation

Candidates are encouraged and supported throughout their journey by Priest, Sponsors, and the entire parish community.


Sunday Mass is required. Rites that strengthen our new life in the Catholic Church are part of the journey.


For more information or to begin your journey into Catholicism with us, please contact either

RCIA Coordinator Anne Spears at the Religious Education Office 239-574-2411 or [email protected]


RCIA Director Jerry Harrington at the Religious Education Office 239-574-2411 or [email protected]

Easter Vigil Morning YCAT Scan can be found here.