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Brothers and Sisters,
Today, Jesus appoints Saint Peter as our first Pope. The Church Fathers recognized that Jesus made Peter the rock on which he would build his Church. They taught that this gave Peter a special primacy and that Peter went to Rome. Peter's successors shared in his special authority or primacy and the Fathers attest to the fact that the Church of Rome was the central and most authoritative Church. They attest to the Church's reliance on Rome for advice, for mediation of disputes, and for guidance on doctrinal issues. St. Ignatius of Antioch wrote that Rome "holds the presidency" among the other Churches, and that, as St. Iremaeus explains, "because of its superior orgin, all the Churches must agree" with Rome. They are also clear that it is communion with Rome and the bishop of Rome that causes one to be in communion with the Catholic Church. As Cyprian of Carthage puts it, Rome is "the principal Church, in which sacerdotal unity has its source."
Pastor’s Question of the Week:  How often do you pray for our beloved Pope Francis?
Pastor’s Question for Children: Pray every day for our Holy Father, Pope Francis
Sincerely in the Lord,
Father Richard York, your Pastor

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