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2020 Religious Education

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Religious Education is the umbrella name for our Faith Formation Programs for children in Elementary and Middle Schools.


Days: Tuesday or Wednesday (we intend to run all programs on both days, so you can choose)

Time: 5:30-7:00pm (door for pick up open at about 6:55pm)

Calendar: sessions begin the first week of September and end the first week of May



Every first week of the month, the whole family comes into Church for a family-based faith formation experience dedicated to helping you grow together as a family and equipping you to bring faith more intentionally into your household with easy tools to help your family encounter Jesus at home.

This session is a mandatory part of the program and counts in calculating attendance and whether a child can advance to the second year of Sacramental Preparation.



After the Family Session, we will have two classroom sessions each month (even in months without a holiday—a week off every month). Calendar will be posted and handed out at Registration Events.



revised 8/30 for delay of start due to Hurricane Dorien...

2020 Basic Schedule of Sessions - SPRING UPDATE

2020 Blessed (First Holy Communion) Schedule - SPRING UPDATE

2020 Confirmation Schedule

2020 Catechist Schedule



Instead of placing children into groups based on grade level (age), we have developed separate Programs to meet the individual needs of children:

  • Loved: a First Year Program for grades 1 & 2
  • Called: a First Year Program for grades 3-7
  • Blessed: a Sacrament Year Program for grades 2-8
  • Formed: an Ongoing Program for grades 3-8 (who have already received First Holy Communion)

Thus, Program Groups (that meet in the classrooms twice a month) will be mixed ages but will have curricular materials specific to their program and everyone in the group is on the same level of experience with the same needs.

For more detailed information, click below to read (or download and print) the Religious Education Family Handbook.

2018 Religious Education Family Handbook in English in PDF - updated handbook coming soon

2018 Educación Religiosa Manual de Familias en Español en PDF


All religious instruction is in English, however, regarding prayer:

  1. learning the traditional prayers of the faith is the responsibility of the parents/families,
  2. children should learn these prayers in the language of their families and faith community,
  3. helping your child to be comfortable in his/her prayer life is essential for both prayer in the home and with the faith community,
  4. developing an active personal prayer life is key to leading a Catholic lifestyle.

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