RCIA 2022/2023

RCIA 2022/23:
Wednesday, August 24th: Initial meeting of participants; 6:30-8:30pm in the St. Michael’s Room
Sunday, Sept. 25th: Rite of Welcoming and Acceptance) at 10:30am Mass

Class sessions from 6:30-8:30pm in St. Michael’s Room:
October 5th and 19th
November 2nd and 16th
December 14th
January 4th and 18th
February 1st and 15th
March 1st and 15th
April 5th – may cancel as this is a busy week for them…

Masses: all attend 10:30am Mass each Sunday

Special 10:30am Masses:
March 12th – 1st Scrutiny
March 19th – 2nd Scrutiny
March 26 – 3rd Scrutiny
April 2nd – Palm Sunday- in the procession?

Special 7pm Wednesday Masses during Lent:
March 15th – Presentation of the Creed
March 29th – Presentation of the Lord’s Prayer

Holy Week:
Holy Thursday, April 6th – join in processional
Good Friday, April 7th – join in processional
Saturday, April 8th – Morning rehearsal for reception of sacraments
Saturday, April 8th – Evening Vigil Mass