GIFT Growing In Faith Together


GIFT is an acronym for Growing In Faith Together, the name of St. Andrew’s Adult Faith Formation initiative, an umbrella name for the many ways St. Andrew Church parishioners can grow in faith.

GIFT Groups

For years, small groups of parishioners have gathered in host homes to participate in study programs, mostly video based, covering topics like Bible study and spiritual development.

To learn when our groups meet and what they're currently experiencing together, contact the GIFT Groups Coordinator Debbie Baker by calling 239.424.7349 or emailing [email protected]


GIFT Events

These are opportunities for adults of the parish to gather to learn, discuss, and grow in their faith. We currently have two kinds of GIFT Events:

Third Thursdays

Almost every third Thursday of the month, we gather for spiritual growth. This year we've been exploring The Wild Goose, a video series (available on that dives deep into who is the Holy Spirit and how do we relate to the Holy Spirit.

Faith Reawakened: Catholic Basics Brought to Life

Are you a Catholic who loves God and the Church but haven’t been reminded about why we do the things we do since you were in grade school or adolescence? Do you have questions about the faith? Do you wish you knew a little more about the Bible so it isn’t so intimidating to pick up and read? Did you know there’s a large book called the Catechism that presents everything the Church teaches, giving us answers to most of our questions? Want to know how to find it online and use it to find answers? Do you like lively discussion and meeting new people in the parish? If you said yes to any of these, we invite you to Faith Reawakened. Presented by fellow parishioners Jack Orth and Frank Sherlock, these sessions will be monthly interactive engaging presentations of the basics of Catholic faith. All are welcome. These sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in the St. Andrew Room of the Parish Office Building. We began a pilot in 2020 but hope for more regular gatherings in the fall.


GIFT Missions

These events arise periodically, to which the entire parish is invited to gather, for a series of deeply spiritual experiences, usually connected to Advent or Lent.