Family Faith Formation Registration



Registration for the 2020-2021 academic year (that we refer to as 2021) is now closed.

If you are moving into the area or just missed registration, you are welcome to contact us (239.574.2411) to register.


There are two parts to the registration process.

Part 1: Parish Registration

To participate in Family Faith Formation, a family must be registered members of St. Andrew Church. Thus, if a family participated last year, they skip this step. If a family is new and not registered in the parish, they must complete a Parish Registration, available online at

Part 2: Family Faith Formation Registration

This year we are asking everyone to complete their Family Faith Formation Registration and make payment online.

Registration closed on October 15. If you would still like to join us for Family Faith Formation, you are always most welcome. But be aware that if you're registering to prepare a child for First Holy Communion, if you do so after the October 15 closing date, the first year of preparation won't 'count' and will need to be repeated before moving to the second year to receive First Holy Communion.


Our Family Faith Formation Program does not receive parish subsidies and so must charge fees that cover our costs.

Every family will be charged a registration fee of $30 per child that covers the program costs for the year.

In addition, any child in the second year (First Holy Communion year aka Blessed) will be charged an additional $20 per child. But this $20 fee will be collected later, NOT during registration.


Payment Methods

We ask as many families as possible to make payment electronically by credit or debit card (using the parish’s payment processing platform) during the online registration process. If you cannot pay electronically, we will accept cash or check (made payable to “St. Andrew Church”) by making arrangements to bring payment to the Faith Formation Office (239.574.2411).


Late Registration

If you miss registration August - October and want to enter Family Faith Formation, your family is always welcome. The date of your registration will be noted in your attendance record. Unfortunately, pro-rated fees are not possible as they mostly cover the cost of materials that is the same regardless of start date. And finally, a special note: if registering for a first-year program and your child begins after October 15, your child must repeat that first-year program the next year, unless special arrangements are made with the Director.



For further questions, please contact the Religious Education office at 239-574-2411 or through email at Anne Spears, Religious Education Assistant, at [email protected] or Jodi Castiglione, Religious Education Assistant, at [email protected].


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