F3 Home Sessions

This webpage provides Family Faith Formation (F3) families access to their monthly Home Sessions.

To make sure you're doing the right things, you will need to know two crucial pieces of information.

First, on which day does your family attend Church Sessions? Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

And second, into which Family Crew have you been assigned?

It is critically important that you open and complete the Digital Turn In for the correct Family Crew.

(If you submit your work in the wrong crew, it will cause confusion and delay in noting your participation.)


Peace Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Patience Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Goodness Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Gentleness Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Joy Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Kindness Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)


Faithfulness Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Self-Control Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Generosity Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Modesty Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Chastity Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)

Charity Crew (Catechist-Companion: TBD)