CF Messages

Hello Confirmation Families. This page provides me a place to communicate messages without having to depend on the accuracy of email addresses! I will provide the messages in reverse chronological order, so the newest will always be on top.


Tuesday, Jan 12:

Confirmation Zoom 2

If you did not attend (or did not view the video of) the first Zoom of Dec 29, then you are invited to join tonight.

If that doesn't work for you, you can view the video of the first Zoom here and complete the online Digital Turn In to 'get credit' for attending this meeting (by clicking on the words Digital Turn In just under the video).


Tuesday, Jan 5:

Confirmation Zoom 2 Postponed: NEW DATE JAN 12

I apologize but am not feeling well enough to host the Zoom meeting that was scheduled for this evening. I'm postponing it a week; it will now be held Tuesday, Jan 12 at 7pm.

If that doesn't work for you, you can view the video of the first Zoom here and complete the online Turn In to 'get credit' for attending this meeting.


Tuesday, Dec 29:

Confirmation Part One Calendar

Click here to see the list of dates and details regarding our Gatherings for January - June.

Zoom Sign Up Instructional Video

Watch this video if you need further assistance in signing up for



Saturday, Dec 12:

Gathering This Weekend CANCELLED

Zoom Gatherings ADDED

Confirmation Families,

I apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause but must cancel our gathering scheduled for tomorrow. My father died last week. His funeral was just yesterday. I need the time tomorrow to be with my mother and family. I depend upon your kind understanding and prayers and thank you in advance for them.

Instead of gathering tomorrow, I've decided to schedule two Zoom Meetings, from which you can choose one. In other words, both Zoom Meetings will present the same information, you only need to attend one of them, your choice. Here's when they will be held:

Zoom Gathering Option 1: Tuesday, December 29, 1:00-2:00pm


Zoom Gathering Option 2: Tuesday, January 5, 7:00-8:00pm 

If neither of these work for you, please contact me and I'll arrange for you to view the recording of one of them.

Between now and these gatherings, I will send (via text and email) the invitation links to the Zoom meetings as well as the full schedule for the Spring - although my intent is to hold as much as possible to the first and third Sundays of each month, 3pm, beginning January 17.

Thank you again for your understanding and flexibility. Please do keep my mom, myself, and my family in your prayers during this time of grief.

In gratitude, Jerry Harrington


Saturday, Dec 5:

Gathering This Weekend CANCELLED

Confirmation Families,

I apologize for any inconvenience this announcement may cause but must cancel our gathering scheduled for tomorrow. My father has just been moved to hospice and may not live much longer. Rather than risk cancelling at the very last moment, I'm preemptively informing you that we will skip this Sunday and gather as planned next Sunday (Dec 13). As our first gathering presented all you need to know to complete the work I would like done before 2021, if you have any questions I encourage you to go rewatch the video on the CF Gatherings page. If you missed the first gathering, please watch the video and do the digital Turn In linked there.

On December 13, we will gather in church and online. I hope that on that date most of you will have completed the paperwork that I offered to you in the first gathering (either on paper or the linked documents also on the CF Gatherings page). If you are online, feel free to scan or take a picture of the completed documents and email them to me at [email protected] If you do not complete the paperwork by year's end, or at least communicate with me about any challenges you might have in completing it, then you may be asked postpone your participation in this program.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility with this cancellation. Your prayers for my father, my family, and myself are appreciated. I will see you again on December 13.

Sincerely, Jerry Harrington



Friday, Nov 20:

First Gathering This Weekend

Confirmation Families,

Thank you for registering. If you received the text message bringing you to this page, then you registered a high school aged parishioner of St. Andrew Parish for Confirmation 2021. Here are the three things I wanted to make sure you knew:

1. 2020 Gatherings

Sunday, November 22, 3pm - Sponsor & Saint Name Overview / Explanation

Sunday, December 6, 3pm - The Theology of the Sacrament of Confirmation &

Sunday, December 13, 3pm - Sponsor & Saint Choices / Documentation DUE


2. Format: Candidate AND Adult, EVERY Gathering - Parent(s) Attend the First

Please be aware that beginning with the 2021 Confirmation group, Candidates will prepare for the Sacrament with an adult who will need to accompany them to every gathering. We recommend that the first gathering (or two) be attended by a parent to hear the introductory information and understand what's being asked of their candidate and the adult who will accompany that candidate throughout the process.

This new format and the ways that it can be accomplished will be discussed at length in the first gathering.

Pandemic Notes: Everyone attending in person is asked to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the Church. Enter through the South Door (the one facing the school building). We will also be seating candidate/adult pairs at either ends of pews as directed upon arrival to maintain physical distancing.


3. Online Option for Pandemic

If you have decided to participate in this process remotely, due to public health concerns surrounding the ongoing pandemic, you can do so by viewing the live video stream at the time of the gathering and simultaneously visiting our new CF Gatherings page where you can find digital versions of any handouts as well as the digital Turn In (an online form you must complete and submit to 'get credit' for participating in that session). We encourage candidate/adult pairs who view the video live to comment on the stream to demonstrate presence.

The Live Video Stream can be found on the Parish Facebook Page.

Note: you do NOT have to have a Facebook account to view the video on the Facebook page. We post it to the public so anyone can view live with or without an account.

The online digital Turn In can be found on the CF Gatherings page.