All Catholics are called not only to learn about their faith (Faith Formation that brings Jesus more deeply into our lives) and exercise our faith (in the many ways we Worship God in liturgy) but also to take that faith into action, supporting one another and the wider world through prayer, social gatherings, service work and all the other ways we Witness on behalf of Jesus and the Church.

In every week's parish bulletin the final full page is the Faith Formation Page that provides our church's daily Mass Intentions (those for whom we are invited to pray in a special way that day), the current prayer list (those for whom we are invited to pray due to illness or recent death), as well as an article written by our Director of Faith Formation to help you grow in faith.

St. Andrew Parish boasts a vibrant variety of ministries and organizations dedicated to witnessing to our shared faith. A current list of groups and their coordinators include:

LITURGICAL MINISTRIES (such as Lectors, Ushers, etc.) can be found here.


Blue Army Prayer: Elizabeth Culleton, 458-8969

Charismatic (CFC) Prayer Group: Richard Knutson, 651-210-8096

Chaplet of Divine Mercy: Josefa Damisch, 549-1594

Cursillo (Español): Maria Santiago, 573-8119

Divinia Misericordia Hispano: Ministry Coordinator Belinda Moreno, 954-736-6910

Grupo de Oración: Margarita Gonzalez, 440-396-0280

Bible Study (Spanish): Maggie Tavárez, 239-322-2397

Cenacle of the Virgin Mary (Spanish): Maripily Cruz, 786-230-4270

Padres y Madres Orantes - Ingrid Plazas, 565-1386

Legion of Mary: Josefa Damisch, 549-1594

Divine Will: Frauke Micklisch, 851-6372

Monday/Friday Adoration: Juan Ortiz-Medina, 282-1403

Daily Rosary: Carol Rock, 297-1107

Parish Vocation Team: Parish Office, 574-2411



Welcoming Committee: Ronnie Shamieh, 201-819-9034

St. Vincent de Paul: Mary Bauer, 715-410-8868

Council of Catholic Women: Phyllis Mundy, 316-6588

Respect Life: Julie Casey, 699-4461

Knights of Col. 3rd degree: Jack Martin, 707-9015

Knights of Col. 4th degree: Irving Corujo -  917-734-3847

Ladies Auxiliary: Dolores Neelon, 677-1430

Food Donation: Walter Eliuk, 574-5511

Men’s Fellowship: Bill Eggers, 945-0876

Prayer Blanket Ministry: Parish Office, 574-4545

Caballeros de Colón: Ramon Batista, 849-4709