RCIA Calendar

The items below represent events that we make special invitation to our current RCIA Candidates and Catechumens and at which a member of our team will be present. We encourage all participants in RCIA at whatever stage to engage with our community at any of its wide ranging events and offerings.


20 - Movie & Talk with Jerry
        (3ish to 7ish, Coralwood Marquee Cinema & Starbucks)

27 - Pizza Bible Study
        (11:30am-2pm, St Michael Room)

28 - RCIA at Adoration
        (7:15pm, Church Quiet Room, then Chapel)


Dates TBD 

  • Discernment Follow Up Meetings (for our youth)
  • Rite of Welcome (will be a 9:00am Mass for all to attend and witness the entrance of new folks)
  • (for adults) Individual Mentor Meetings

2 - [for adults] Men's Conference

6 - Monthly Catechetical Gathering
     (7:15pm, St Michael Room) - topic: Catholic Morality

13 - GIFT Event
       (7:00pm, Parish Hall)

16 - [for adults] Women's Conference

20 - [for youth] Reboot Event with Chris Stefanick
        (7-9:30pm, St. Katharine Drexel, $22.00 per ticket purchased from Jerry)

24 - BSA Pancake Breakfast
        (11:30am, Parish Hall, after 10:30am Mass)


6 - Ash Wednesday Mass (6:30pm, Church) &
     Catechetical Gathering (7:45-8:30pm) - topic: Lent