RelEd: Sacramental Prep

Religious Education Sacramental Preparation:

  1. The Diocese of Venice guidelines states that sacramental preparation is a two year process.
  2. Once a child has completed the first year of catechesis, and begun the second year, and the parents, catechists, and/or parish staff, have discerned the personal preparedness of the child, the child is considered eligible for the immediate preparation for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, or for high school students, the Sacrament of Confirmation.
  3. The immediate preparation for the celebration of the sacraments is held outside of, and in addition to, the weekly class time.  This immediate preparation will include, but may not be limited to, a full day retreat for both the child and the parents which concludes with celebrating Mass together.

First Holy Communion Preparation

  1. The retreat is usually scheduled for a Saturday in April. The exact calendar date will be made available in January of the year the child hopes to celebrate the sacrament.
  2. Children will celebrate First Reconciliation (Confession) on a Saturday morning, usually in early February.
  3. First Holy Communion is celebrated in a special First Holy Communion Mass on a Saturday, usually the first or second Saturday of May.

Confirmation Preparation

  1. The Confirmation retreat is usually scheduled for the first Saturday in November.
  2. The Sacrament of Confirmation usually takes place during the week at a special evening Mass with the Bishop.
  3. The date for Confirmation is given by the Bishop’s Office. Families will be notified as soon as we receive this date.

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